Other Required Materials#

Base Station (Laptop)#

This section contains what you will need to build and fly your drone that is not included in the kit. In order to fly the drone, you must have a laptop or personal computer that is capable of connecting to the internet.

OS Requirements#

At this time, it is not possible to flash your SD card on a Chromebook. You will need a Linux, Windows, or macOS device to configure the SD card during the build, but you can use any OS after this the configuration.

Software Requirements#

Additionally, you will need to install the following software on your base station.

  1. Betaflight Configurator. This is an application that will allow you to set up your Flight Controller.


    You will install this later in the manual.

  2. Balena Etcher

Soldering Tools#



Fig. 8 Soldering iron with base, sponge and solder#

  • soldering iron

  • solder

  • brass wool or sponge to clean soldering iron


Fig. 9 Soldering iron with base, sponge and solder#

  • wire strippers

  • safety goggles

  • fume extractor

  • multimeter

  • helping hands

Nice to have:

  • solder remover (either solder sucker or de-soldering wick) to fix mistakes

  • soldering mat

  • tweezers or pliers

  • flush cutters

Misc. Tools#

  • Double-sided tape