Step 3: Develop Your Activities#

The following chapters outline the implementation steps and build requirements for each type of activity that a learning experience may contain.

Use the activity descriptions to determine which type is right for the learning goal you are adding to your LX.

Then jump right into the list of Edit zones for free form content development or walk through the Development Tutorial for step-by-step examples.

We will be using the demo-lx Learning Experience as a running example in this section. You can clone it from the Duckietown Learning Experiences GitHub repository to follow along.


While developing a new LX, it is good practice to start working on the solution first. Once the solution is in place, parts of the solution with relative pedagogical value can be stripped out and replaced with placeholders effectively producing a boilerplate code that can populate the learner’s workspace. This procedure guarantees that the resulting boilerplate is (by construction) enough for the learner to achieve a valid solution.