Layer - Parking Lots BETA#


The tile types described here are experimental. Use at your own risk!

A parking lot is a place for Duckiebots to go when they are tired and need a rest.

A parking lot introduces three additional tile types:

  1. Parking lot entry tile: This is similar to a straight tile except with a red stop in the middle. The parking lot sign (Fig. 29) will be visible from this stop line.

  2. Parking spot tiles:

  3. Parking spot access tiles:

The following are the rules for a conforming parking lot:

  1. One “parking spot” has size one tile.

  2. From each parking spot, there is a path to go to the parking lot entry tile that does not intersect any other parking spot. (i.e. when a Duckiebot is parked, nobody will disturb it).

  3. From any position in any parking spot, a Duckiebot can see at least two orthogonal lines or a sign with an AprilTag.