Beginner - Use ROS#

What you will need

What you will get

  • A working knowledge of ROS development in Duckietown

  • A custom ROS node with a publisher and a subscriber running on your Duckiebot

Basic Project Structure#

In Duckietown, everything runs in Docker containers. All you need in order to run a piece of software that uses ROS in Duckietown is a Duckietown-compliant Docker image with your software in it.

A boilerplate is provided here. If you have completed the Tutorial on DTProject (as you should have), you will recognize the content of this repository as being a DTProject template.

Similarly to what we learned in New project, we will instantiate a new project repository by using the template repository available on GitHub.

The procedure for building and executing a ROS-compatible DTProject is the same we learned in the Tutorial on DTProject section.

Let’s get started!