Assignment 2: Safety#

This unit asks you to think about safety considerations with robotics. For some of these questions, there is no one correct answer; however we will publish our answers, and our grading rubric will allow for multiple answers.

Safety is one of the most important considerations in robotics. Imagine that someone throws the drone at a person as hard as they can. This sort of motion is what the robot is capable of doing using its motors and accelerating at top speed. It is extremely important that whenever you fly your drone or operate any robot, that you keep yourself and the people around you safe. Safety is everyone’s responsibility!

You are responsible for operating your drone in a safe manner. The most important safety advice we can give is that each person is responsible for the safe operation. This includes speaking up if you see an unsafe situation, acquiring information if you do not know if something is safe, and taking care of yourself. (For example, don’t operate your drone when you haven’t slept enough.)