Step 1: Duckietown Account Setup#

1) Configure the Duckietown Shell#

The first thing you need to do with dts is to set the Duckietown software distribution you want to work with. For this version of the book, we use daffy. Set the shell to use a profile on the daffy distribution by running the command

dts profile switch daffy

2) Get a Duckietown Token#

Now your Duckietown Shell needs a Duckietown token. The Duckietown Token allows you to authenticate yourself and your robots against the Duckietown network.

You can make a Duckietown account for free from the Duckietown Hub. Make an account here.

The token is a string of letters and numbers that looks something like this:


To find your token, first log in to your account, then open the profile page in your browser:

Copy your token to use in the next step.

3) Set your token in the Duckietown Shell#

You can tell the Duckietown Shell who you are by running the command below and following the instructions presented in the shell

dts tok set

Checkpoint ✅#

Run the following tests to check your setup:


If the Duckietown Shell was installed correctly, then you can run a command like this

dts version

Expected Result

Verify that the version of the commands is set to daffy.


Check if your token was successfully by running

dts tok status

Expected Result

This should output a message like the following,

dts :  Correctly identified as uid = ***

If you have encountered issues or something is not behaving as expected, please stop here, it is a good time to ask for help on Stack Overflow.

You can join the Duckietown community on Slack at this link.

There you can request an invitation to the Duckietown Stack Overflow, by following these instructions.