Setup - Accounts#

What you will need

  • You have completed all of the steps in the previous Setup - Laptop section.

What you will get

  • Your laptop configured with the Duckietown development environment and ready to run Duckietown robots and learning experiences.

Now that you have the required software installed on your operating system, we will set up the developer accounts you need to use each of the tools. Once you are logged in and have tested your environment, you will be ready to develop with Duckietown!

Step 0: GitHub Account Setup#

Duckietown uses GitHub to distribute its open-source code and engage with collaborators and end-users. If you are unfamiliar with Git, we strongly recommend reading the following reference page to gain a working understanding of this tool: The Duckietown Intro to Git.

If you do not already have a GitHub account, you can sign up for one at this link.

Once you have a GitHub username, you can continue on to the next page to set up your Duckietown account.