Setup - Duckiebot SD Card#

Here we will learn who to initialize an SD card with the Operating System that will run on the Duckiebot on-board computer. This procedure is called flashing, or burning of the SD card.

What you will need

What you will get

A flashed Duckiebot SD card, ready to be used to give life to your Duckiebot.


If you are using a microSD to SD card adapter, make sure the adapter does not have the write protection enabled. Check this link to learn more.

Step 1) Choose a name for your robot#

Pick a hostname for your robot. This will be the name of your robot and has to be unique within a fleet of robots connected to the same network. A valid hostname satisfies all the following requirements:

  • it is lowercase

  • it starts with a letter

  • it contains only letters, numbers, and underscores

Step 2) Burn the SD card#

There are two interfaces to the process of burning a Duckiebot SD card:

  • GUI: A graphical wizard-like interface;

  • CLI: A terminal-based command line interface (for those who crave the terminal experience);

Choose the interface that best fits your preferences and skip the other.

GUI - Graphical wizard


CLI - Command line