Check that the cabling doesn’t get in the way of the drone’s propellers.


  • Make sure the ESCs cables are attached to the drone’s arms

  • Make sure the battery connector doesn’t get in the way of the propellers.

  • Make sure the USB to microUSB cable connecting the Flight Controller to the Raspberry Pi doesn’t obstruct the propellers


Make sure ESC-motor wires are ziptied down properly. If not, you risk having a short.


Spin the propellers manually with your finger. Ensure no wires are hit by the propellers.

Make sure no wires or parts are dangling from the drone frame.


Check before you continue

Propeller Direction:

  1. The arrows on the propellers should be on visible from the top of the drone

  2. The arrows should be going in the same direction as the arrows on the motors.

Propeller Attachment:

  1. The propellers must be flat on the base of the motor

  2. Make sure there is no gap between the propeller, the motor, and the motor nut.

  3. Holding the motor still, try to spin the prop and make sure the props cannot spin around the motor shaft; the motors and the props should spin together.