First connection#

You are now ready to connect to your Duckiedrone through the Duckietown Dashboard.

What you will need

  • A live DD21 (First Boot)

  • A base station with wireless connectivity, or a pre-existing network

What you will get

  • A fully operational DD21

Connecting to the Duckiedrone#

Make sure you are on the same network as your Duckiedrone:

Connect to duckietown-<hostname>-ap if the drone is in AP mode, where <hostname> is the robot name chosen during the initialization procedure.

If you forgot to change it, the default hostname is amelia.

Connect to the same network that the drone is connected to if the drone is in CL mode.

The default network is duckietown (password: quackquack)

Accessing the Duckiedrone functionalities#


Default robot name: amelia

Default ssh user name: duckie

Default ssh user password: quackquack

Ssh always possible: ssh [email protected]

Default access point (AP) network configuration:

  • SSID: duckietown-amelia-ap

  • Password: quackquack

Default client (CL) network configuration:

  • SSID: duckietown

  • Password: quackquack




I cannot connect to my Duckiedrone in AP mode.


Try using client mode and shut down the docker container dt-access-point through the Portainer interface (accessible through your browser from your base station at <hostname>.local:9000)