1. Strip about 5 mm off of the newly-exposed ends of the ToF sensor wire

  2. Twist and Tin the ToF sensor wires.


    Do not put too much solder, as the wires must fit through the holes in the Raspberry Pi Hat

  3. Solder the ToF sensor wires to the Raspberry Pi Hat following the figure below:

    • insert a wire into the correct hole in the front of the Raspberry Pi Hat.

    • Solder the red wire to the +3V rail

    • Solder the black wire to the GND rail

    • Solder the yellow wire to SCL hole

    • Solder the blue wire to SDA hole

  4. Trim the excess cable on the back side of the Pi Hat (where you just soldered it)


Fig. 52 Soldered TOF sensor cable#